Clokka is an online marketplace enabling the safest way to buy and sell watches.


The back story.

It all started in late 2018, whilst in search to source the Rolex GMT Master II BLNR at retail price.

This was by far the most hyped watch at the time. I was searching everywhere, literally calling and visiting every Rolex authorised retailer to find this exact watch at retail price. It was impossible to secure the watch at retail, the demand for this model was crazy, with a  three to four year waiting list at best. Even then you’re not guaranteed to secure the watch. 

I ended up spending all of my free time searching through classified marketplaces such as Chrono24, Blocket, eBay, Schpock, etc. Not only was this watch hard to find, but it was also trading 30/40% above retail price because the demand vastly outweighed the supply - something I now know is very common for most sport models across the Rolex portfolio.

I eventually met up with a watch broker in a coffee shop in Stockholm to view a brand new watch. It was beautiful, I loved it. The only catch being the seller wanted a bank transfer payment of 100,000 SEK (20% above retail).

This struck me as a major issue in the pre-owned watch market. Handing over large sums of money to people you don’t know, with no security that the good are genuine. It’s a big risk. I declined the purchase, and went away and researched the market in depth to find that there are over €1Bn worth of fake watches circulating in the market. A risk too big for many.

This led me to founding, the safest way to buy/sell luxury watches.

Clokka HQ, Stockholm.

Building the brand.

As we set-out on building Clokka in what is a crowded and dated market, it was important for us to define the Clokka brand early on. So we can better understand our edge, and what makes us different.

Early Beta website.

Shortly after researching the market, we started on building the v1.0 of Clokka site, initially built in Webflow, in order to test out our assumptions and the demand for the clokka services and brand positioning amongst our target audience of millennials. 

Beta: (Homepage)

Beta: (Product Page)
Beta: (User Profile)

Building V1.0 App.

After a successful pre-launch of the Clokka v1.0 site, we set out on building an industry defining platform and app, with all the features desired by our core audience of fashion conscious and culture-rich millennials.

Product: USP's

Product: USP's

Product: USP's

My Skills.

  • Product Management
  • Branding & Positioning
  • UX & UI Design
  • Prototyping & UX
  • Business Development
  • Business Strategy
  • Investor Relations & Fundraising
  • GTM Launch & Strategy

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